POSIT is the first of its kind. It turns an iPad into a powerful sales tool by affording an impressive and professional look for your salesperson as they present your products and services to prospective customers.

However, POSIT goes further than that, much further. Once the sale is made, it acts as the point of sale device to record the purchase and process credit cards and even ACH scheduling on the spot.

Each part of the process, from the sales floor to customer service, can be organized and managed in familiar steps using a personalized website. Personnel can manage their responsibilities utilizing a digital workflow to carry out the administrative tasks that follow every sale.

POSIT offers two additional, critically important components.

1. Our solution is cloud based. You benefit from a 'work anywhere / anytime' option. In addition, you can maintain uniformity with a centralized management of pricing and policies.

2. Our product is a lightweight framework platform with database enabled features. What this means is we can custom tailor POSIT to look, feel, act and behave how you want. It can mimic the processes that made you successful but with efficiency of digit streamlining.

We are proud to offer POSIT.

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What exactly is POSIT and how can my company benefit from it?

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